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On March 31, 2021, the Jousse archives were received by the library of the Institut Catholique de Paris. They will thus be preserved and classified by professionals, then made accessible to researchers, for a better knowledge of his life and work.

After making available to the public all the transcriptions of his lectures, the Association Marcel Jousse has once again taken a major step forward for the posterity of Jousse’s work.

These seven boxes of archives include documents on Jousse’s life and research, as well as on the work of his collaborator Gabrielle Baron after his death, leading to the creation of the Association Marcel Jousse.

Élisabeth d’Eudeville, secretary of the association, has been very persistent for many years in the search for an institution that could receive these archives. An agreement was finally reached with the Institut Catholique de Paris… and the context of the COVID epidemic had again postponed this transfer. So that’s it!

We will keep you informed about the work of valorization which will be carried out under the responsibility of Guillaume Boyer, curator of the ancient and patrimonial collections.

The next event is the planned publication in April of a special issue on Marcel Jousse of the ICP academic journal, Transversalités.

To be continued!

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