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Marcel Jousse y la antropologia del gesto in Revista Pelicano

Marcel Jousse y la antropologia del gesto : An article in Spanish by Gabriel Luis Bourdin, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, published in the Revista Pelicano in August 2016.

The work of the french Jesuit, anthropologist and linguist Marcel Jousse (1886-1961) is one of the most significant and unique creations of anthropological thought of the twentieth century, and, curiously, one of the least known to the skilled reader in anthropology topics and language sciences.
The objective of this presentation is to witness the perennial validity of the new science of gesture and mimism, created by Jousse in the first part of the twentieth century. L’anthropologie du geste (1974) is a compilation of three essays that epitomize Jousse’s thinking and research. It was composed on the basis of a draft systematization of Jousse scientific teaching, which is primarily oral. They were incorporated into that synthesis several of his memoirs, first published separately. This article refers another main source for the study of the work of Jousse, which are called the oral Courses, that were stenotyped by professionals in this type of recording and later transcribed in french by G. Baron. These courses were taught by Jousse between 1931 and 1957 at Sorbonne, the School of Anthropology and other important institutions of higher education in France.

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Marcel Jousse : The Oral Style and the Anthropology of Gesture

Edgard Sienaert published an article with this title in the journal Oral Tradition, 5/1 (1990).

It includes a wide bibliography of works by and about Marcel Jousse.

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