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The anthropologist Marcel Jousse was working for every human being interested in a better understanding of himself and of others.

The Marcel Jousse Association, initially founded in 1968, has the following main goal :

to promote and to develop the study and the faithful diffusion of the thought of Professor Marcel Jousse, through the knowledge of his research and the pursuit of his works

We would like to use this website to help an international diffusion of Jousse’s major contribution to anthropology.

We are looking for volunteers to translate or adapt the pages from French to English.
Original contributions in English will also be warmly welcomed.

Edgard Sienaert, who translated in English a lot of Jousse’s writings, passed away on January 2, 2024.

For the Marcel Jousse Association board,  Thomas Marshall

Feel free to contact us through contact links on the right of the page.


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