The International Dance Council is an international non-profit NGO, which has been a partner of UNESCO since its foundation in 1973. It has several thousand members (individuals and organizations) in 170 countries. They have launched the “Dance and Spirituality” program, which deals with the relationship between dance and artists and the spiritual.

Following France Schott Billmann’s suggestion, Marcel Jousse Association was contacted by the head of this program, Constantin Kontogiannis. Initial discussions led to the scheduling of a lecture by Titus Jacquignon. This is an excellent opportunity to introduce Jousse’s anthropological research to a milieu concerned with dances as a living cultural heritage to be recognized and preserved.

Marcel Jousse: Anthropology of Expression

Presentation by Titus Jacquignon, PhD in Language Sciences

Saturday, December 2, 4:00 pm (Paris time)

Draft agenda

Language: French, with English translation

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